Afoko’s suspension a coup d’etat – Tarzan

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Comment: External economics of chaos in NPP

2015-10-23 19:51:16
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Re: Tarzan: Afoko’s suspension is a coup d’etat

The chaos in NPP and the suspension of national chairman Paul Afoku might look weird in the face of onlookers, ironically, it's an external economic of scale to the party.
External economic of scale:
• it brings perceived unity to the party
• it boost membership drive
• party of all ethnic inclusion
• it's entertainment for the rank and file
• it confirm equal hope advocate of the party bearer
• it's about democratic development in the party
• winning election 2016 and making Akufo Addo president of Ghana.
Huraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hahahahahaha

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friend of mahama on Oct 23, 2015 20:05
Nana on Oct 23, 2015 19:51
External economics of chaos in NPP