Afoko’s suspension a coup d’etat – Tarzan

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Comment: Aboa ba nepa mu nyinyinmu

2015-10-23 20:32:21
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Kwasia look at your earlier comment"fools like ur mum and father ok.just today we heard that your so called sensible party's youth wing in Atebubu burns down your so callrd biometric voter register. l may ve a friend,sibblings,aunty and uncle in any party in gh so hardly will l generalized and insult people.shame unto you" Aboafunu did you think of prayer before making such stupid comment about someones mum. Kwasiaba, comming to preach. You fools insult the prez but when it comes to your third class lawless flagbearer then you quick to points to ethics. Mmmoa like Sarpong the toilet cleaner in Uk

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friend of mahama on Oct 23, 2015 20:05
BribeheneWeeAddo on Oct 23, 2015 20:32
Aboa ba nepa mu nyinyinmu