Afoko’s suspension a coup d’etat – Tarzan

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Comment: Kwabena Agyapong should be next.

2015-10-24 00:32:24
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Tarzan: Afoko’s suspension is a coup d’etat

Wreko Brobbey you can call it what you like, but nobody or party in their right frame of mind will allow your likes to hijack a great party like ours.Your likes will only wish doom for the party you call yours and yet wish its downfall because of your selfish ego. NPP has taken too long to allow these buffons to run the party like their private property. I hope we have another coup to remove the GS since NDC will not hesitate to do even worse. The problem with our party is that we are too libral.I hope the party expel miscrants like Arthur Kennedy and Kwabena Agyapong for us to move on. NPP is will survive and rise again.

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friend of mahama on Oct 23, 2015 20:05
LOPEZ on Oct 24, 2015 00:32
Kwabena Agyapong should be next.