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Karbo blasts Andrews Awuni: 'You deserted NPP'

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Comment: Karbo Must Quit His Farcical Accusations

G. K. Berko
2015-10-29 15:08:12
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Karbo blasts Andrew Awuni: 'You deserted NPP'

Karbo has been one huge destructive cog in the NPP machinery. His adrenalin may still be excessively produced, not tamed, in his current senior position in the Party. He must however understand that his Youthful indiscretions as the Youth Organizer must be left with that previous Office.

If Awuni left the NPP temporarily, that is because the few leading members who are characteristically impervious to others' opinions imposed their will on the Party, just as in the case of Alan Cash.

In both cases of withdrawal from the Party, it was the overlords whose bidding Karbo is happy to do without questioning who behaved in a way to suggest the services of the two were not needed.

So, Karbo must recant his accusation against Awuni that he refused the NPP his services when they were most needed. You don't claim to need another's services when you adamantly stonewall that person, and entrench yourself in arrogant intolerance of others' opinion.

Karbo must watch his words carefully. His recent utterances are incendiary and don't help to mend the fences in NPP. His proclivity for aggressive, intemperate attacks ought to be tamed. He is known to also have a propensity for intimidation of opponents. If he is aspiring to be a credible, formidable statesman someday, he better begin learning to be civil, honest and affable consensus builder, not a bully as he used to be.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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G. K. Berko on Oct 29, 2015 15:08
Karbo Must Quit His Farcical Accusations