Don’t deal with suspended Afoko – NPP writes to EC

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Comment: Afoko At EC Forum.

koffi Montreal
2015-10-30 09:48:29
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Don’t deal with suspended Afoko – NPP writes t

Mr. Afoko ,what has happened to your suspension shouldn't surprise you,note,just about a week for voting to be cast in Canada ,the winning party saw that their campaign director of the Liberal Party of was have a secret meeting with an oil pipe line company which a lot of people in Canada against which the government has awarded contracts to ,the Liberal Party director was asked to step aside he did without saying a word to the media nor going to court,please,after all you chairman for only three years, what a hack ,what you are is not civil in party politics my friend give up your name has been damaged ready come on guy get rear.

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koffi Montreal on Oct 30, 2015 09:48
Afoko At EC Forum.