Don’t deal with suspended Afoko – NPP writes to EC

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Comment: Nana,fa tam mu bini so. Shame them

2015-10-30 10:54:01
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selfish vampires

Shame the detractors and bring every body back. By all, I mean, Afoko and Agyepong, for the sake of Ghana. Ghanaians need change not NPP with only one year to go to the pools. Do you want to tell me that Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the master politician of Ghana did not know the activities of Mr. Krobo Adusei.He allowed him there for a purpose. Mr. Afoko should be there for a purpose...to campaign and win the election for Ghanaians.The detractors know you are coming to turn things around hence frusttrated you twice. You are Abe Lincoln of Ghana. You are to win this time. Call every body to order and tell them next year is your last chance in Ghanaian politics. You need every vote in NPP plus independent voters to win. Let Ghanaians know you are for them not only NPP. Go to the vunerable rural folks......the real stronghold of 'sakadicous' NDC and explain the state of affairs of the Ghana i.e. GHANA HAS BEEN MORTGAGED to outsiders. Ghanaians no more own Ghana and that you need their consent to dislodge them. They know you are an insider and know how to let them including your party members... vomit all the stolen money. An Akan adage says...you sell your mother for power and use the power to get back your mother. Fa tam mu bini so ...to campaign and win.

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Nokware on Oct 30, 2015 10:54
Nana,fa tam mu bini so. Shame them