Everybody is a “King Kong” in NPP – Wereko-Brobby

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Comment: A big pretender and a political prostitu

2015-11-03 21:40:56
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Everybody is a “King Kong” in NPP – Wereko-B

Wereko Brobbey just spoke India,he's part of the people who feel like King Kong in the party,he's a big pretender,they make things difficult for the flag bearer and turn round and ask him to unit the party.Its difficult to wake someone who's pretending to be sleeping,all of you know too well what's happening in the party but it ll be an indictment on all Ashanti's in the Npp should Nana Addo fails to win in 2016 because they did not exhibit character when Kufour need everybody to win,whoever attribute the victory of the Npp in the year 2000 to the good leadership of Kufour is a liar.why?the party had been in political wilderness for 30 long years and most people had forgotten the history of our party,beside only few people were remembered having held some positions during Dr Busia,s regime like Kufour,J.H Mensah to mention but a few,so everybody was hungry for power so there was a common interests.fast forward to 2008,Kufour had finished his 8years so many people ve become former ministers and sitting MP,s,they made some good money but who should they credit for making that possible?kufour instead of the collective efforts of everybody just because he appointed them.So now the party has made resent history with Kufour so anybody who want to be president must wash his feed and drink the water before he approves of you,and only that our problems began the very day he became interested in who succeeds him.So let no one blame Nana Addo they should repair the party them self because it ll die if they sabotage Nana Addo to lose the election.

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Yussif on Nov 3, 21:40
A big pretender and a political prostitu