'Some people have been paid to destroy NPP'

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Comment: Nana Abro ny3

Nana Akwasi Boachie
2015-11-12 13:59:13
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Like you always say, Nana, "Abr) ny3" I think that it is so because it looks like in NDC nobody will be willing to put his or her life at stake for someone else's political ambition. If you are suspended in the NDC, you fight the system alone. In the NPP people just instigate others to do their bidden for them. t is not Ghanaians per se who create the confusion in the NPP, it is the actual members of the party who are instigated by part of the leadership to behave the way we are seeing now. Like I always s, right after the Party' congress everything in the electoral results pointed to the fact that the leadership cannot work. The resultant weakness could have been used to unify the party s positions were shared among the perceived factions. Unfortunately, Nana, individuals still continued to advance their hatred and their greed and their personal ambitions to the detriment of the party and the country at large. Nana, if the party wants to succeed I must go back to Congress for re-affirmation! As a Deputy Gen. Sec. you can put this across. Delegates have learnt a lot and will this time make no mistake with the people they may elect. Nana, good luck.

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Nana Akwasi Boachie on Nov 12, 2015 13:59