'Some people have been paid to destroy NPP'

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Comment: Sinking Ship

Nana Antwi
2015-11-12 15:04:28
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With so many loud mouthed educated buffoons and stooges in the NPP, like Nana Addo, Sir John, Jake, Mac Manu, Kennedy Agyapong, Freddie Blay, Obiri Boahene, CK Tedam, Hackman, Mike Ocquaye, PC Appiah Ofori, Appiah Menkah who needs to influence NPP leaders with money or favors to destroy the party. Gone are the days when the advise of wise old intellectuals held sway over the party's decisions than the propaganda of its educated roughnecks, sycophants and blood thirsty thugs. I vividly recall tact and reasoned thinking of Odoi Sykes, Peter Ala Adjetey, Dr Safo Adu, Dr Donkor Fordwour, Grace Coleman, Gladys Asmah, Dr Dsane Selby, Agyenim Boateng, Kufour and others. No only hungry angry losers weave conspiracy theories around every decision of the Party. It not worth spending to sink a boat with recklessly power drunk dreamers already at work

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Nana Antwi on Nov 12, 2015 15:04