Sammy Crabbe setting himself up for suspension – Akomea

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Comment: Crap from CRABBE

2015-11-12 14:23:11
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Sammy Crabbe setting himself up for suspension –

What a Weak NEC with deviant Executives
This will never happen in NDC. General mosquito will sting you one time.
Sammy Crabbe must be sacked to serve as a deterrent. Why cant he resign from the NEC by himself. No wonder he is a Crabbe spewing CRAP, good for okro stew because it has no head no tail like Sammy Crabbe's argument.BIG PHOOLISH MAN. helping NDC to stay in power for me to be sleeoing in darkness for another 4 years, then this current NDC government will be in power for 12 years. There will be more filling stations in Ghana than the number of cars in GHANA.One again PHOOLISH USELESS SAMMY CRABBE the crap.

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Obiara Yen Obiara on Nov 12, 2015 15:17
OKO on Nov 12, 2015 14:23
Crap from CRABBE