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Kwame Boogie
2015-11-12 22:14:35
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Sammy Crabbe setting himself up for suspension –

Sr Sammy, if you don't respect the decision of the NC, the honorable and decent thing to do is to resign from your position at least, and if you feel so violently about it, quit the party. You can't have your cake and.......you are in his bottom line to use your ICT company to benefit from registration of members; with NDC squeezing you and Afoko on the sidelines, your daily bread may be in jeopardy so you won't go down without swinging. But remember,if you put your hand in a bucket full of water, splash around all you want, and then take your hand out, in no time it will return to calm! There's no indispensable person, Samuel Crabbe.

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Obiara Yen Obiara on Nov 12, 2015 15:17
Kwame Boogie on Nov 12, 2015 22:14