Esseku: Arthur K is not an NPP member

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Comment: suspension of afoko

adamu pennsyvania
2015-11-24 17:11:47
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Esseku: Arthur K is not an NPP member

Npp as political party hates the truth that is the color of the party.haruna should explain reasons for his suspension from the party from past decending on afoko. How can vice chairman conide with some party members open secrete account without the knowl edge of the party chairman. This means when power is handed to them by ghanian they are going to open secrete accounts to loot the country.afoko rejected such ideology and he was ironically accused their bad movement. Baba addo has become God of npp.nobody has a right to say anything about him.then ghanian should be ready that people will be killing them whenever some say something about na na government in case he win election and become president of

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adamu pennsyvania on Nov 24, 2015 17:11
suspension of afoko