Bede Ziedeng is no competition for me – Karbo

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Comment: Wow! What A Bomb Shell!!

G, K. Berko
2015-12-02 11:29:30
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Wow! What a bombshell this revelation is. I never knew this about Karbo, one of the most vociferous and often insulting minions of Akufo-Addo's.

If Karbo has this much baggage on his back, why wouldn't he show respect to others, and humble himself so that folks may forgive his criminal past, and allow them to believe he has probably changed for the better?

And, why was his theft case withdrawn by Akufo-Addo's Attorney-General's Department? Did Akufo-Addo withdraw the case as a political favor for a NPP sympathizer? Was Karbo politically active when he was the SRC Official? And was he affiliated with NPP at the time of the crime?

This is very interesting to know, really. And if this allegation of theft by Karbo is true, does that not add to the shadiness of the Akufo-Addo's camp?

It is very alarming to have the Flagbearer of the NPP surround himself with such characters, unless he accepts the thieving behavior of Politicians as normal to him, and would not demand from his Aids in governance anything different from what he has been charging the incumbent Administration of.

OMG!! What has this country come up to? We cannot even hope to have a better replacement for a regime we perceive as corrupt, because the main leading challenger seems to be shielding thieves?

Helloooo!!!!! Is any more trustworthy leader out there we can rely on for our salvation?

Long Live Ghana!!!

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G, K. Berko on Dec 2, 11:29