Mahama chose me because of my 'honesty' - Veep

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Comment: Your Honesty? Hahaaaa

Onipaba Of Akyem Maase
2015-12-07 18:53:59
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Mahama chose me because of my 'honesty' - Veep

If you are honest enough, challenge a single one of Bawumia's economic accessions. What a waste of space and resources to have such a ceremonial Veep whose role is just to lure Fante's to vote but not competency in management of the economy. Oh, Gh, sorry for breeding illiterate voters and tribal bigots for your disservice.

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Ajet Nassam The Wicked Judge on Dec 7, 18:52
Onipaba Of Akyem Maase on Dec 7, 18:53
Your Honesty? Hahaaaa