Nana Addo wants to hijack NPP for 20 years – Awuni

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Comment: Frustrated Awuni

Ahmed Salia
2016-03-04 19:09:13
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Nana Addo wants to hijack NPP for 20 years – Awu

It calls for patience. Nana and Adu Boateng fought to establish NPP during PNDC regime. Kuffour joined NPP after serving in PNDC became the flag bearer and later President of Ghana on NPP ticket . Nana continued to serve and helped Kuffour to succeed. It is painful to be in opposition and especially if you don't like your flag bearer but please have patience or leave the party . Your 2020 is dead and buried.Nana all the way. Ghanaians can't wait for 7 January 2017.

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Ahmed Salia on Mar 4, 19:09
Frustrated Awuni