Nana Addo wants to hijack NPP for 20 years – Awuni

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Comment: Fameye, don't be stupid.

2016-03-05 04:47:40
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Awuni the saboteur

Kufuor advised u about the evil dwarf kapwepwe and u ignored. Now look at how NPP has been bathed with DWARF SHIT. About 99.99% of NDC elders are supporting Prez Mahama. What about Akufo Addo? Kojo Mpianim, Wereko Brobbey, Nyaho Tamakloe, Arthur Kennedy, Crabbe, Afoko, Kwame Pianim etc etc and the Don Kufuor himself. Where is Kwabena Agyepong? How is Opana, with his abnormal swollen cheeks? What happens if Afoko wins the court case? Be concerned about these and don't be stupid in thinking all these people could be bribed by the NDC . Fameye, get some dewormer and laxative to purge ur constipated stomach. What do u want Kufuor to do with this arrogant dwarf? Nonsense

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kutsii on Mar 5, 04:47
Fameye, don't be stupid.