Nana Addo wants to hijack NPP for 20 years – Awuni

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Comment: Awuni being insulted?

2016-03-05 18:24:14
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Nana Addo wants to hijack NPP for 20 years – Awu

What will happen if NanaAddo looses power again when it's easy to grab? It's all from this NanaAddo worshipping that has come to the party. Insulting Awuni takes his vote away from NPP and here is the case our candidate is unable to appeal much to floating voters such that our numbers keeps on going down? Okay keep on insulting and the incompetent thieves will take it again. That is a warning and advise take it or live it. Don't be too sure that we have it. That's not true the roads etc is taking even more rural votes from us whiles some of us are disillusioned because of the negative attitude of divisions brought into the party by NanaAddo Addo and bootliivkers They are outdoing each other for future posts but that can elude all if we keep maligning and insulting other party members . We are watching and we need not blame Charlotte or Kufgour if we loose

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Kwasi on Mar 5, 18:24
Awuni being insulted?