NPP wins by-election to retain Abuakwa North seat

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Comment: Now remove Mahama

2016-03-29 21:56:31
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Not only this more victories ahead. Till we get the change we shall not rest.Mahama and his men are deceiving themselves. They will one day regret for their yentie obiaa policies because they wanted to enrich themselves. "LET'S TAKE LOANS AS MUCH US WE CAN GET, PUT HALF INTO OUR POCKETS SO THAT WE CAN CONTRIBUTE TO SUPPORT OUR ELECTION CAMPAIGNS. WE CAN TACKLE MANY PROJECTS TO ENABLE US WITH THE EXPLANATION THAT WE USED THE LOANS FOR PROJECTS IN THE COUNTRY" They still think they can deceive all the people all the time. All Mahama wants is to win elections whether the country goes into bankruptcy or not, it is not his concern, see how wicked! Should Ghanaians vote for them again, they shall eat their own shit! Nana Addo cannot be that wicked to pay people like Bature to insult the NPP leadership thinking it's a political gain. Nana Addo is the only one as at now, who can help Ghana from this mess. He will not use 1000 dollars to buy one bottle of water and come to boast " I bought water for you to drink, see oo I've done well" That is with Mahama. And ironically people like Bature will look for a platform to praise him.

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facts on Mar 29, 2016 21:56
Now remove Mahama