Nana will 'threaten to kill' critics as prez – Mosquito

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Comment: Haunted!!!!By his own past

2016-04-13 14:32:02
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Nana will 'threaten to kill' critics as prez – M

Now he is talking about death threats? I think Asiedu Nketsia is being haunted now by "their own devilish past" .The serial murders of the old PNDC order.Now it is catching up on him.This is a sign he actively participated in those killings. He feels haunted now.But Ghanaians assure you, you would not be at the Teshie range.We have grown up after your dark days.However, there is a place you know very well called Nsawam.You might need your own pillow though!

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inercycl on Apr 13, 2016 14:32
Haunted!!!!By his own past