Nana will 'threaten to kill' critics as prez – Mosquito

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Comment: In all the brouhaha, people have

2016-04-13 15:56:36
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Nana will 'threaten to kill' critics as prez – M

Failed to recognize the fact that, this much talked-about spat is really an intra-party dispute -namely the Nana v Alan contest; and Anthony Karbo has conceded that point. Check his recent interview with Kofi Asante Anning of Nhyira FM.
And why is Nana mad at Adakabre? Will Gabby,Atta Kyea or Asante Bediatuo ever dream of supporting Alan Kyeremateng? During the recent NPP Parliamentary primaries, did Nana Addo not personally visit Kyebi, with Osafo Marfo, Addo Kuffour and others, even though he had previously professed his'nuetrality'?
So why was Nana expecting Mahmoud(Adadkabre),to help him(Nana Addo) instead of Kyeremateng, his cousin?
Even more importantly, was it not Herbert Krampa, Nana's personal aide, who invited Adakabre to Nana's Residence? For sure, Adakabre could not have gate-crashed the event, could he?
And why did Nana's people - Krampa, Akomea and Gabby- frantically engaged in cooling tempers, behind the scenes? That alone makes me to believe Adakabre's version of what actually transpired; notwithstanding the numerous denials by Afia Pokuaah, Titus Glover and others?
And was a similar outburst (behaviour) not exhibited at the late Alhj. Aliu Mahama's residence in Tamale?
What caused R.O. Frimpong Manso, Adakabre's dad, and by no means a no push-over, to confront he Akufo Addo at a funeral event in Kumasi, and guess who had to take off!
Given the detailed background outlined above, I believe Aseidu Nketia's statement has a solid foundation, and I agree with his assertion.

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gyidie on Apr 13, 2016 15:56
In all the brouhaha, people have