Nana will 'threaten to kill' critics as prez – Mosquito

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Comment: Nana Addo is intolerant

2016-04-13 19:22:15
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Nana will 'threaten to kill' critics as prez – M

I don't understand the problem with you guys. Is seems to me like you cannot stand the wits of this seasoned politician, General mosquito. If Nana Addo as a flag bearer cannot tolerate criticism how can he stand the heat if he becomes president. See how President John Mahama endures incessant criticisms and responds to them, for instance, how he open heartedly embraced the Presby moderator Prof. Mantey when they met in Sunyani and contrast that to how Nana Addo Withheld his hands from greeting Adakabre at the former's residence because he felt Adakabre have said some unpalatable things about him on radio. Does this not make Nana Addo an intolerant person? Therefore, what is the crime of Asiedu Nketia for presenting Nana just as he is to the public? We all know Nana is a violent person who, like Napoleon in 'Animal Farm', will not hesitate to unleash his venomous dogs to suppress any dissenting voice or group. Such a person cannot, and must not be allowed to be president.

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Paul on Apr 13, 2016 19:22
Nana Addo is intolerant