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Comment: lying pepeni and ayigbe criminals

insight to the bone
2016-06-21 10:37:47
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The country has been mismanaged for so long that the only way to rest affairs and put things in the right direction is unfortunately through war . Our gold and all natural resources are of no benefit to the people despite over 30 billion dollars every year of these exports . Our people live in poverty and have the standard of a nation in the 17th century rather than enjoying the standards and benefits of the 21st century . I need not quote Socrates or Aristotle, Confucius or Roosevelt but today i will mention Stalin .Stalin said the core of all governance or politics is the personnel politics , today we see a govt packed with alajih Muslims , northerners and ayigbe Ewes whose only agenda is to destroy the economy , discriminate against the majority Akans and ensure exploitation , slavery and poverty so in the ignorance the people retain their system of governance. Yes there only 2 ways to determine the legitimacy of any government of system of governance and that is one through the ballot box or by war . America and all the nations of the west were not born or did not gain their freedom and right to justice through the ballot box but by war so its time to prepare our great nation the Akans . We do not need 99% approval but less than 1% of those who are aware to begin this effort and thanks be to God in my travels around i see our people are ready. We rejected despite all the trickery colonial rule now is the time to boot out this pepeni/ayigbe pestilence and no more weep by the rivers of Ewe/Northern?Muslim Babylon. The divine duty of every nation set by God is to seek freedom from any oppressor or unjust system and we shall never surrender to these criminals , its our turn to say let their blood flow. Now they rush to sell off for a pittance the ECG and any thing else that will burden us with debt or deny us the capability of self reliance through managing our own wealth claiming these are the rules , the bullshit will never end. The personnel politics is important even in economics as the only way to secure loyalty and good intent is if the majority themselves own their own natural resources . These NDC idiots and their sleepers in the NPP have a perverse way of interpreting good economic principles and turning them into yokes so heavy the people are broken into poverty . Imagine Putin of Russia privatizing the oil and gold of his country and it being owned by non Russians , foreigners from Europe China or America . Imagine Britain , Norway or USA allowing their industry , natural resources or oil be owned by non citizens ? We are surprised we have fake exploiting investors who never bring their profits back but rather buttress their economies in their own countries with our money and wealth . Yes its time to end all these , find true thinkers and patriots who will truly love our people and put them first . Yes only war will remove this oligarchy who think the way forward is to keep our people in poverty. We challenge all sound minded people to review and reflect upon all political decisions of the last few decades and observe how they find ways of perversely undermining otherwise correct macroeconomic principles and rules into nightmares of worry and trouble for future generations. They sell our golden goose to foreigners and applaud each other in their stupidity of how they were able to sell out the interests of the ignorant people. Yes war will make them know the price of betrayal and selling out the nation's interest . Not a single decision has any common sense or is motivated by the true desire to serve the interests of the people . Today we see small boys driving around in expensive cars because they are pepeni /ayigbe hegemony tribalism saturated . Time to end all of this nonsense and this is the year , forget elections and prepare for war as they will only attempt again to rig the vote and will never be encouraged to go away peacefully . When oppression , discrimination ,stealing and corruption becomes the norm rebellion and war become the duty.

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insight to the bone on Jun 21, 2016 10:37
lying pepeni and ayigbe criminals