Over 100 NPP supporters defect to NDC

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Comment: The Holy spirit will flash the Judasout.

Edward K.
2016-06-22 10:28:38
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Over 100 NPP supporters defect to NDC

It is no surprising that those elements of corruption of so called 100 npp supporters have who have defected to join the NDC because birds of the same feathers flock together. They know that their aim of joining the npp will be defeated if Nana Addo wins the election. Because Nana Addo has made it crystally clear to all his supporters that those people with corrupt intentions of joining the party have to advise themselves. So these 100 disloyal people know that they joined a wrong party because they can't operate their corrupt practice in Npp government but will rather be operational in the NDC which has fertile grounds for that. Mahama has starved Ghanaians including these 100 defectors so much that they can no longer stand it, so when they were approached with few thousands of cedis, they succumbed and sold their birth rights. This is a clear warning to other supporters of Npp, that they should be mindful with these NDC people, they will be approaching you one by one with sums of money to buy your conscience and vote because they know that most Ghanaians are hungry and are cheap to buy. But my brother and sister ask yourself how long will that money last you? Will it be enough to pay the school fees of your children for the next four years and also pay for your electricity bills? All Npp supporters and sympathisers should stand should firm and not to waver. They should remain resolute. The battle is almost won. The moon moves slowly but it crosses the town. Let the TTCtraitors and the Judas go. They will regret it in future.

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Edward K. on Jun 22, 2016 10:28
The Holy spirit will flash the Judasout.