Developing Western Region makes sense - Mahama

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Comment: We are the bread basket of Ghana

K Fosu
2016-08-19 12:34:59
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Ghana needs development

Kufour went to the IMF as well. Infact,the NHIS was financed by Denmark and Great Britain. Kufour"s much touted housing project was financed by Belgium.Needless to say, the George Bush Highway was financed by USA.All these countries stopped helping us when the greedy bankers brought the world economic system to a halt through the "credit crunch" in 2008. Ghana is not as rich as you guys think.Our Gross National Product is under 50 billion dollars a year.That said, we are still better off than a lot of other countries. Akufo Addo, cannot solve "dumsor" in 4yrs.Never! a modest 1400 mega watt nuclear plant in Ghana will cost a minimum of 6 billion dollars.This is money we do not have. NPP is being disingenuous about everything.They cannot provide much of their hollow promises.They never ever tell us where the money will come from yet they will provide free education,reduce taxes etc.You got to be a complete mug to believe such fairy tale manifesto.

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K Fosu on Aug 19, 2016 12:34
We are the bread basket of Ghana