Muslims will reward Mahama - Baba Jamal

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2016-08-22 07:14:26
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Muslims will reward Mahama - Baba Jamal

THEY CANT EVEN BE EMPLYED BCOS WE ARE SO BROKE UNDER JOHN MAHAMA AND NDC...SADA GYEEDA THIEVERY USED TO FINANCE NDC AND DESTROY GHANA...NDC SPENT 19 YRS JUST EMBEZZLING OUR MONIES WITH CLAIMS OF LOOKING FOR CRUDE OIL....NPP CAME FOR ONLY A MOMENT AND OIL WAS FOUND BY GOD'S GRACE...WHAT KAS MAHAMA DONE WITH THE OIL MONIES....USELESS CLUELESS MAHAMA HAS INDEED WASTED OUR MONIES PAYING FOR DUBIOUS JDGET DEBTS, BUSREBRANDING THIEVERY, ETC ETC ...JOHNMAHAMA........ Ndc thievery has destroyed Ghana.... NDC IS NOTHING BUT FULL OF THIEVES...NOW WE WILL VOTE AGAINST THEM MASSIVELY...CRUDE OIL PROCEEDS PLUS UNPRECEDENTED BORROWINGS COULD NOT SAVE MAHAMA...THIS MAN IS INDEED USELESS......JOHN MAHAMA AFTER CRUDE OIL AND UNPRECEDENTED BORROWINGS, U ARE STILL BUYING VOTES?....AFTER BORROWING SO MUCH MONEY AND INFLATING PROJECTS' COSTS, JOHN MAHAMA THINKS WE ARE STILL SO GULLIBLE TO BELIEVE HIS LIES LIES LIES...WHY IS THERE SO LITTLE TO SHOW FOR SO MUCH BORROWINGS?.... Ndc loves to keep people ignorant and vulnerable in order to exploit them for elections...... JOHNMAHAMA you are a huge hypocrite paaaaaaa...... After all the borrowing borrowings, you are now buying votes...... JOHNMAHAMA U have destroyed Ghana by overspending our national budget by a whooping 8.7 bn ghc or 4.3 bn dollars at the time to just win elections 2012..... Oooooooooohhhhh Ghana paaaaaaa nie?..... Shine your eyes oooooooooohhhhh..... It's about your future.... Not Ndc nor NPP..... It's about your future plus the future of your kids..... .... Hahahaaa hahahaaa ide biiiiiii kekeeeeeee........ You are pathetic paaaaaaa....... Have you not heard of sada gyeeda etc thieves before?.. . .. Yet you are quick to dwell on opposition NPP instead of holding ruling Ndc thieves accountable..... Lets Hold Ndc Very Accountable Bcos We Have Voted For Them And Given Power And Resources To Them To Rule Ghana...All Over The World, It Is Ruling Govts That Are Held Accountable And Seriously Probed By The Citizens In Order For Govts Not To Create Loot And Share Like Ndc Is Busy Doing Now....It Is Parties In Power And Governing Ghana That Shd Be Scrutinized Thoroughly Bcos We Voted For Them To Rule And Account To The People Of Ghana Very Transparently And Honestly...Yet The Media Has Been Manipulated By Ndc To Divertyeattention To Npp Why Why Why....Ruling Ndc Is Busy Destroying Ghana Despite Huge Monies Spent By Ndc Govt To Rule Ghana....John Mahama Comes To Power And Spends State Money Just To Worship Akua Donkor To Rain Insults On Nduom And Nana Addo All For Two Pajero Vehicles And A Storey Building...Meanwhile Ndc Foot Soldiers Are Dying From Excruciating Poverty...This Ndc Is A Real Mafioso Ndc Gang Of Thieves Without Any Sense Of Shame Whatsover...Ndc Is Cursed So No Amount Of Crude Oil Or Loans Or Taxes Can Save Ghana....Even After All The Massive Borrowings Ghana Is Still Poverty Stricken Bcos Of Ndc Plain Thievery Thro Contract Sole Sourcing And Dubious Payments...Ndc Voters And Leadership Think Support For A Political Party Simply Means Do-Me-I-Do-You...But This Is Sheer Stupidity Of The Highest Level Bcos Its Ghana That Ends Up The Loser And Our Kids Who Even End Up The Worst Losers Bcos We Are Totally Destroying Their Future.......After Failing To Prove Alleged Npp Malfeasance Since Ndc Assumed Power, All Ndc Has Been Doing Is To Use These Allegation As Basis To Embark On Serious Thievery Upon Thievery With Cronies And Family Members Duping The State And Destroying Our Economy The Present State Where One Dollar Which Used To Be 1.12 Ghc In 2008 Is Now Miserably One Dollar To 4.0 Ghc.....And All This While Ndc Has Managed To Throw Dust Into People’s Eyes By Claiming The Ghc Is Weak Bcos Of Imports Exceeding Exports.....Such A Preposterous Reason, Very Very Very Preposterous Indeed.......And The Situation Is Worsened By Their Voters In The North And Volta Who Are So So So Poor And Yet So So So Gullible Who Continue To Trust In Ndc Despite Clear Cases Of Thievery And Plundering Of State Resource Thro Avenues Like Sada Subah, Gyeeda Azuntaba, Rlg-Ndc-Zoomlion-Collusion To Destroy Our Economy Just To Line Their Pockets With The Stolen Cash And Live Good Abroad With Their Families.....It Will Only Take A People With Very Evil Minds To Dole Out Over One Billion Dollars In Dubious Jdgt Detbs To Friends And Cronies In Order To Share The Loot Even Tho The Very Strongholds Of Ndc Continue To Be So Excruciatingly Poor ..........So Poor That They Engage In Virtual Slavery Right Here In Their Own Country As Kayayes And Trokosis And We Are Shown Daily Videos Of Their Kids Lying On Their Tummies In Poor Dilapidated Schools To Learn And Write Simply Bcos Of Lack Of Furniture........Ndc Govt Overspent State Budget By 8.7 Bn Ghc In 2012 Just For Mahama To Win Elections, And This Was The Last Straw Which Broke The Camel’s Back As Our Ghc Declined And Has Kept On Declining Ever Since Then...........Bloated Contract Budgets And Sole Contracts Awards Have Now Become A Channel To Pay Out Outrageous Amounts To Cronies Just For Ndc To Later Share The Loot...........Huge Monies Dubiously Paid To Rlg, Zoomlion, For No Work Done Etc Are Yet To Be Retrieved Without Interest Despite The Continued Destruction And Weakening Of Our Economy......Despite All These, We Still Have Ndc Proudly Predicting A One Touch Win For Ndc In The 2016 Elections...........And Their Gullible Miserable Strongholds Are Seen Daily Endorsing This Criminal Gang Of Thieves Who Didn’t Even Have An Office Till They Came To Power In 2008 And Built A 20 Million Dollars Mansion For A Headoffice After Duping The State Big Time Thro Fake Jdgt Debts........The Suffering Continues Till Ghana Has Learnt Its Bitter Lessons That Supporting Political Parties Isnt Like Supporting Hearts

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