Muslims will reward Mahama - Baba Jamal

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Comment: Baba Jamal is stupid

2016-08-22 08:22:37
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Muslims will reward Mahama - Baba Jamal

Many of these Muslim pilgrims are reach. So what about the ordinary Muslim who can't afford 3 squared meals a day??? The ordinary Muslim barber, hairdresser, market woman who can't make money because of dumsor and corruption of the Mahama government??? Y'all started the divisive politics but I tell you it ain't gon work for you this year. The money spent on this project alone could do something better for the ordinary Muslim doing hand to mouth businesses nowadays. So stop making mockery of the MUSLIM stupid ass coconut head JAMAL!!!????????????

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Jay on Aug 22, 2016 08:22
Baba Jamal is stupid