Muslims will reward Mahama - Baba Jamal

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Comment: YAA ALLAH!!!

2016-08-22 07:53:58
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Baba Jamal is stupid

Could we STOP this NONSENSE of bringing Religious Divide into Ghanaian Politics please!. Both Collins Dauda and Baba [WHO?] should cease this immediately and campaign on substantive issues without bringing in Muslim/ No-Muslim arguments. Ghana is NEVER like that and if these people really understand Islam's core philosophy of Peace and Reconciliation with the Creator, they will not be peddling this kind of filth. The Tamale airport was not built just to send Muslims to Hajj. We should remember that there are many other Muslims outside Tamale who would have no access to this facility. So what do we tell them? 'If you are a Muslim move to Tamale'? Collins Dauda and Baba Jamal are peddling counter-productive, and probably even dangerous ideas for our context! This Baba is not 'Jamal'[Beautiful] after all!

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BOWONDA on Aug 22, 2016 07:53