Muslims will reward Mahama - Baba Jamal

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Comment: Muslims will reward Mahama

2016-08-22 09:15:02
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Muslims will reward Mahama - Baba Jamal

Baba Jamal stop leaking boots of your party leader. Talk as a real Ajumako- Kokoben man who should not loose his real identity as an honest man. Don't you see what is going on in your own birth place. An't you ashamed of the plight of your poor native village. Why are you hiding under Islamic religion of peace and always sowing the seed of segregation. Why don't you talk as Ghanaian who sees the reality of current economic trends in Ghana. I am ashamed of you as Ajumako-kokoben born.I grew up with you in the same neighborhood.

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ajukoman on Aug 22, 2016 09:15
Muslims will reward Mahama