Stop begging to be President – Mahama tells Akufo-Addo

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Comment: Can you come back, Abdul ?

k k
2016-08-24 14:41:32
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Peace maker

Can you tell me how to create peace as put it? You said Akuffo Addo "cannot create peace " and may I know how to create peace? Also , how peaceful is John Mahama when there's still some NDC founders out there who has defected to form their own parties ? There are lots and lots of you stupid ass motherfuckers who are always bent on making silly statements just to support your biased views in order to defame others. You're only fools and will continue to suffer simply because you don't know when to say enough is enough. You're one of the guys who are put in the dark and even seeing the light, you still wanna be stuck in the dark out of the stupidity within your blood. When you're not blind and seeing, you still can't see , how can you then survive in the society. Sit there and allow yourself to be fooled by politicians who will come to you with 20 Ghana cedis to buy kenkey and fish just to buy your vote. If you have any sense, you'll realize that your stupid ass after enjoying the kenkey in a few minutes, your voting for that person is to enrich himself for the rest of his life

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Can you come back, Abdul ?
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