Mahama laments declining educational standards

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Comment: This is not true!

2016-09-04 16:04:53
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Mahama laments declining educational standards

Mr. Mahama, what happened? I thought your educational policies(if there any) are changing the educational system for the better. This year we are told the SSS exams results were better than that of the past year. You have built thousands of schools, rebranded many more. You have supplied schools with books and other logistics. You have even provided students with sandals. The school feeding program has expanded. Schools have been so well-catered for that even the wife of Amissah Arthur feels the schools are being pampered. If in spite of all those highly effective measures the standards are falling then you need to find out who has been encouraging you to lie!

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Ken on Sep 4, 16:04
This is not true!