Mahama laments declining educational standards

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Comment: Reality

Stinky Mouth
2016-09-04 22:37:49
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Mahama laments declining educational standards

The truth always remain the truth. Ghana's education begin to decline long ago. By introduction of JSS a lot of changes has taken place. In the old system, after primary education it takes one 11yrs to enter university whilst in the new system it just 6yrs. Point two As the population begin to grow so the demand for more schools which the missionaries and the government can no longer cope with. And that call for more private schools. In business private man always thinking about maximasing profit will do anything to keep his school to attract more pupils. Most private school need to be more monitored. Let us all stop the politics and do the right thing. Ghana's education is not about NDC or NPP. Stop buying/ selling of the final exam question before it is time to take them. Parents just simple ask your children to grab their books instead of leaving them alone to do what they want.

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Stinky Mouth on Sep 4, 22:37