We don’t copy ideas from losers – Asiedu Nketia

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2016-09-05 07:15:30
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We don’t copy ideas from losers – Asiedu Nketi

We Live In A Country Called Ghana Where A Group Of Learned Men And Women In Ndc Come To Power And Hurriedly Embarks On Taking A Wicked And Sinister Advantage Of The Laws Of The Land And Taking Advantage Of The Ignornat Masses Of Their Stronholds, To Dubioulsy Dole Out A Total Of Nearly One Billion Dollars To Cronies And Party Thieves To Just Pocket And Walk Free Whilst Even The Country Cannot Even Employ Nurses Drs And Teachers Who Have Completed School Bcos Ghana Is Broke……This Same Ndc Govt Under The Guise Of PPP Or Public Private Partnership Agreements To Work Together, Goes Ahead To Pay Huge Millions Of Dollars To Rlg And Zoomlion Etc Just For Virtually No Work Done Even Though Ghana Is Totally Broke …..Now When Such Monies Are Repaid To The State, There Is No Evidence To Prove Such Payments And No Interests Paid ……Meanwhile Ghana Is To Broke That We Cant Even Employ Enough Lecturers For Our Public Universities At All……….This Same Ndc Has Enjoyed Crude Oil Monies Of About 4 Billion Dollars, Unprecendented Borrowings In Ghana, Both External And Internal Borrowings, As Well The Highest Taxation Ever In Ghana’s History …Meanwhile Very Few Projects Are Availble As Evidence Of How Our Monies Have Been Used……Vote Ndc Out In 2016 Bcos They Are Plain Thieves Who Are Out To Destroy Ghana And They Are Worse Than Armed Robbers….No Wonder In Their Time, We Had Floods, Fule And Fire Combining To Burn Ghana So Painfully In The Most Bizzare Of Circumnstance……As If All These Are Not Enough, The Whole President Buys Two Four Wheel Drives For A Stark Illiterate Akuadonkor To Just Rain Insults On Nduom And Nana Addo…..Newly Bought Buses Are Just Rebranded At Huge Costs To The State Till Minority In Parliament Found Out And Huge Sums Were Retrieved From These Ndc Thieves…Ooohhhh Ndc Is Killing Ghana Bcos We Cant Even Pay For North Ghana Schools’ Students To Be Fed For A Full Term In Schools …And Our Kids Even Lie On Their Tummies To Learn In Schools Bcos Of Lack Of Furniture…….Eeeeeeeeiiiiiii Ndc U Are Worse Than Armed Robbers…

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