Being NDC not a crime - Kwesi Pratt

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Comment: Pratt to become a minister..sources

Mawusi Zublatavi
2016-09-06 00:25:57
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Being NDC not a crime - Kwesi Pratt

Pratt is an abomination of a foetus. A liar with two.pronged teeth who has misled many with his newly minted teeth done with tax payers money thru the National Deceivers Conartists. Pratt is a sham. A con and artist par none. He isna nation wrecker. A snitch and a coward. He.is the most dangerous liar in Ghana and the most dangerous human being on Ghana soil right now. Now he has a house in the mountains. Land Cruisers. Boats and other stuff. Kwasi Pratt?????Wonders will never cease. He sends his kids to UK for education and talks about the NDC destroyed educational system in Ghana like its Havard like system. This guy must be exposed for who he is. A POLITICAL PROSTUTE WITH A FAKE DICK. Aboafunu. Woho kankan s3 sebo entohw3 ase. Wanum kankam s3 Ankaful prison bathroom. Kwasiato. Your time is coming in 2017 and we will dig u up like Atta Mills corpse to investigate what killed him and how you got your state looted largese. Thief!!!!! APONKYE MMEEE.

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Mawusi Zublatavi on Sep 6, 00:25
Pratt to become a minister..sources