Presidency not about 'Facebooking' – Hamid to Mahama

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Comment: Political desperations.

2016-09-07 20:51:04
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Presidency not about 'Facebooking' – Hamid to Ma

If you are illiterates coupled with being a novice,just shut up albino amid. You every descerning person nows the bureaucracy involved in having acess to the presidency. And one direct way is through facebook where he connects with his folks. Posting reports and well wishes to ghanains and preaching peace.infact this is simple logic but because your brains are in your anus and you have lost touch with reality you say all sort of nonsense. Archaic humans. Which type of power drunk desperation is this. Since you the elderly dnt have respect for leaders anymore we will also shit on your heads foolish brainless man. #welcometothe21stcentury# stooge

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Franklin on Sep 7, 20:51
Political desperations.