Presidency not about 'Facebooking' – Hamid to Mahama

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Comment: Mahama is already an Ex- President

Derrick Cosby
2016-09-08 07:22:01
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Presidency not about 'Facebooking' – Hamid to Ma

If President Mahama thinks the policies r already existing then I say he's a failed President. why r we not feeling d implementation. Pls President Mahama ur comics n style of leadership has turned this country into a nation full of comedy, lies, Corruption n economic hardship. President Mahama n d NDC government have done nothing in d last 8 years. Construction of roads n projects is like a father buying food for his children to eat. These projects that d NDC is boasting of is a responsibility of every government n not a vision which adds value to d ordinary Ghanaians lives. Every government constructs roads so Mr. President u have failed us.

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Derrick Cosby on Sep 8, 07:22
Mahama is already an Ex- President