Campaign for NDC now or forget appointments - NDC Chairman warns

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Comment: Why all this??

Kofi Emma
2016-09-15 19:32:41
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Campaign for NDC now or forget appointments - NDC

The president is the highest authority of the country and irrespective the fact that things are hard doesn't give us the mandate to be hard on him. Everyone still has a sole responsibility to accord him the necessary respect. I am highly peeved at some repulsive words people of the nation use in the process of getting back at the president. I mean, isnt it extremely sacrilegious? We should be thanking God that we didn't elect a tyrant onto the seat. No one is saying don't be entitled to your opinion. Its just a matter of recognizing the fact that we are all not potentates but we have a leader and he should be accorded the necessary respect. Let us not be swooned... As much as we are all opinionated to our own thoughts, let us all be quilted together as a peaceful family. If you, a blood brother or blood sister of mother Ghana is throwing abusive words at our leader, what idea and example do you think you are giving to our steps in other nations? Act before we become passive. #Cynic #think an out it #realdexy

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Kofi Emma on Sep 15, 2016 19:32