NPP scribe blasts EC boss

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Comment: NPP is just for food/ power

Ghanman ; Beijing .
2016-10-01 03:49:00
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NPP scribe blasts EC boss

NPP is a big JOKE
NPP and their propagandists ARE NOT the only smart people in Ghana or the world . JM has been in power for 5 years only , many roads have been constructed or improved in the name of INFRASTRUCTURE which you guys , it's not food; we are hungry . Give JM 8 or 8.5 years , we might still be hungry but there shall huge lift on infrastructure . China built infrastructure whiles the people were terribly hungry , today billion Chinese have because of infrastructure . Many Top world economies have huge problems & challenges( USA, China , Japan , EU , Russia , Brazil , Canada , as for 3rd countries in Africa and elsewhere are worse than Ghana .

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Ghanman ; Beijing . on Oct 1, 03:49
NPP is just for food/ power