NDC condemns attacks on members

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2016-10-02 19:34:04
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NDC condemns attacks on members

NDC are trying to throw dust in the eyes of Ghanaians out of their desperation of losing power. Who sent those macho men to the NPP PC's residence to butcher unarmed NPP members? This will not wash, ndc find solution to your incompetence and corruption since this your campaign message is dead on arrival. Who doesn't know ndc is poised to set this country into chaos because of their create,loot and share of the nation's resources? What will change the minds of the electorates who have suffered untold hardship through the transformation and changing the lives of Allotey Jacobs and co.? Only fools will believe this and vote for the ndc to continue to transform and change the lives of the few who are near John mahama ,his wife and his brothers that's (family government).NDC is spent force, ndc has expired and has no taste. GHANA MUST WORK AGAIN, I'M FOR CHANGE, IF YOU LOVE GHANA JOIN THE CHANGE TRAIN.

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RUBY MAHAMA on Oct 2, 19:34
Re: NDC condemns attacks on members