Bawumia will return 'home' if NPP loses - Inusah Fuseini

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Comment: Inusah Fuseini

2016-10-03 12:42:40
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Bawumia will return 'home' if NPP loses - Inusah F

Unknown to Inusah Fuseini, Mumuni Bawumia the father of Dr. Bawumia, was one of the leading lights from the then Northern People's Party. Some of the names of the men, included S B Dombo, Jatoe Kaloe, C K Tedam, Afoko, Briama and others.. These men were the strongest opposition grouping to have emerged prior to Independence. These men of the Northern People Party ( NPP ) joined with other regional groupings to form the United Party ( U P ).
Therefore, the real home and political constituency of Mumuni Bawumia is the Danquah, Busia, Dombo tradition. Yes, Mumuni Bawumia later joined the CPP and was made a minister.
The lies and deception of the Ndc know no bounds. They are prepared to rewrite history. This will not do as there are still some Ghanaians who are alive and are aware of the true facts.
Dr. Mamamadu Bawumia is a handful for the whole Ndc party and are finding it difficult to contain him. Because, he speaks factually and this registers on all decent minds. Inusah Fuseini must at least, study the history of the area he hails from before he begins to play big.

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