Koku Anyidoho, Ankobeahene clash over ‘Mutum Banza’ comment

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Comment: Stupid in capital letters Nana "shit"

2016-10-18 16:02:39
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Koku Anyidoho, Ankobeahene clash over ‘Mutum Ban

Nana toilet, explain to Ghanaians what does Nana Addo Akufo the Akyems God meant by referring to the president of Ghana, Incompetent Mahama. No wonder, you are also an Akyem. Only Akyems see nothing wrong when they do it but when others do it, it's not good. What a stupid Akyem chief like you who only turn deaf ear to insult against President but was awake when Koku was calling Bawumia MUTUM BANZA. AKYEM PEOPLE, DOUBLE STANDARD AND TRIBALISTIC MARGOTS. Bawumia was known in the whole country as divine gifted liar which was exposed by Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata and Tony Luther at Supreme Court. Where does he got the name Dr Pink sheet from, from Koku Anyidoho or from supreme Court. Kwashia Kwashia.

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Bosumeng Jonah - Kumasi on Oct 19, 2016 22:03
Ashantipanyi on Oct 18, 2016 16:02
Stupid in capital letters Nana "shit"