Koku Anyidoho, Ankobeahene clash over ‘Mutum Banza’ comment

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Comment: Re: "Mutum Banza" and "Incompetent" are same

2016-10-19 23:36:37
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"Mutum Banza" and "Incompetent" are same

John mahama is a thief and incompetent. Ghanaians gave him the chance to show his capability all he could do is inflated contracts,lying and deceiving the people,thieving and investing in Dubai while teacher and nurses trainee allowances have been cancelled, cocoa mass spraying are done only on ndc sympathizers thus killing that sector, salaries of Doctors and nurses are left unpaid or half paid, teachers salaries are paid in tots, civil servants are paid in tots if this is not incompetency then what? When strikes are order of the day,school fees are high ,NHIS have collapsed, sada, gyeeda,Suba monies are in John mahama's friends pocket,the economy has shrank from 9% to 3% if this is not incompetency then what do ndc call it? Is Dr Bawumiah in government to call him mutum Banza? Fools and stupid idiots, you can learn sense since it's something to be learnt. John mahama is a thief and incompetent, he doesn't deserve to be president of Ghana,all what fits him best is assembly member. NDC can Go to Hell. John mahama is toast and will go to opposition, I can't wait to see you people facing the special prosecutor for the sins and crimes committed to this nation.

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NDC IS SATANIC on Oct 19, 2016 23:36
Re: "Mutum Banza" and "Incompetent" are same
Bosumeng Jonah - Kumasi on Oct 19, 2016 22:03