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President Mahama cut off from reality — NPP

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2016-10-23 03:35:18
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President Mahama cut off from reality — NPP

Frankly speaking, things are hard. For the president to even come out and say he is currently at the foundation stage of the implementation of his and his party's ideas after almost 60 years of attaining independence implies that we are way behind in terms of development or good leadership! How? Where did it go wrong for this country? A window suffers to put her kids through school. Begs at times and endures insults and humiliation all in the process to see her kids graduate university only to be told there are no jobs for them to do! A tax payer can not access better healthcare, or have the luxury of uninterrupted power and water supply! Roads are bad, education standards are falling and just because a few fortunate ones pass they claim all is well. Do a sample and you will realize over 80 percent of those who pass are either from wealthy families or from elite schools with all due respect to them without taking credit from their efforts by the way. People languish in adverse poverty and during elections you come to them to share money (their own money you stole) to them in an attempt to take advantage of their already vulnerable situation just to hold on to power! Funny enough, you turn to blame the same media that projected you into power. No wonder it is said that it is only a bad farmer who blames his tools for poor harvests. Let's us Ghanaians 'shine' our eyes! If they give you anything, take it and still vote them out! No vow they make or force you take will have an effect on you. After all, it is your own money! Even 'they' are still alive. The only way the NDC might win this elections especially getting the said number of votes they talked about in the Ashanti Region, NPPs stronghold is by interrupting or influencing the electioneering processes. When issues like, delay in starting opening voting, delay in the arrival of election materials or the officers, low battery to power the gadgets, etc. start happening on that day, then I wouldn't be surprised! We want a free and a fair elections! Let the vote of the people count! Every eligible voter must be allowed to exercise his/her franchise without any form of frustration or intimidation whatsoever! Ghana is bigger than any individual or political party! Ghana must come first! We are one people with one come destiny! Long live Ghana and God bless us all!

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Me on Oct 23, 2016 03:35
Re: President Mahama cut off from reality — NPP