NPP has staked a wrong lotto number in Nana Addo – Nketia

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2016-10-24 10:51:44
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NPP has staked a wrong lotto number in Nana Addo

You know npp has no campaign message. They jump on anything at all as message, I mean anything at all. The other time npp Obiri promised to give taxpayers money to people who gambled in the DKM saga? I said that it is also clear that when npp in the unlikely event is voted into power, they will use taxpayers money to pay their huge campaign debts accumulated over the years including 2012 campaign debts, Akuffo Addo's house sold and money pumped into the elections, moneys borrowed from crony banks etc. This revelation of Obiri also goes to establish how desperate npp has become and can be likened to a wounded lion and urge Ghanaians to beware of npp. Their lies alone tells a lot about a group which lacks credibility. Vote npp out and rid Akuffo Addo and the drug barons around him of the presidency. Ghanaians deserve better under John Mahama.

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KEKELI on Oct 24, 2016 10:51