I don’t understand why Voltarians still vote NDC - Kwame Adofo

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2016-10-25 08:45:56
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I don’t understand why Voltarians still vote NDC

Every election year, the NPP give the people of Volta Region to vote against them. Just this week, the elephant lost its way and found itself in the thick forests and mountains of Togoland. How come? What are they doing there? Why is Bawumia not on the trip? I wish it were a town hall where many Togolese would be asking Bawumia whether they are among his exclusive list of 76,000. And Otiko Djaba. When has JJ Rawlings ceased to be a Togolese? Where was Otiko in 1992 when NPP challenged JJ's nationality at the Supreme Court? And humiliated by Nana Addo to push his own bags at the nation's airport? We heard of 'ye gye ye man' in 1992 and 1996. So the only message the NPP have for Voltarians is to remind them of Rawlings? How sad. JJ has come and gone. He may decide to forgive NPP for all the humiliation they caused him and his wife at the so called Reconciliation Commission, that is his cup of tea. The reason this year is that the people of Volta Region know which side of their bread is buttered, which party would not try to disenfranchise them, which party treats them as full blooded Ghanaians and not second rate citizens. The people of Volta Region know the party whose MPs are calling for the heads of Ewes in Ashanti Region. Need I add more. The people of Volta Region have a new darling, in the name of JDM of emefa mia mia mia fraternity. The Togolese would finally have an opportunity on 8th December to tell Bawumia and Nana Addo to leave them once and for all. One more thing, 'atiglinyi' has found that after all, Togolese are far more civilized in their behavior than those in Ashanti Region who throw stones at NDC convoys. The above gives a synopsis of why the 'Togolese' keep voting NDC. Each time the NPP affords them new grounds to want to go the emefa mia mia mia mia way.

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