I don’t understand why Voltarians still vote NDC - Kwame Adofo

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Comment: JM and NDC; Toaso!

Nancy Forson
2016-10-25 10:01:31
Comment to:
ndc will vote for anyhing in ndc colours

You have just exposed you level of ignorance here. But Let me offer you a bit of education.

Voltarians unlike their counterpart of the NPP fraternity vote on issues and performance.

Issues of nationali-ness, equality, respect and non discrimination.

Aside this, the NDC appears to be the only government will the concern of the people at heart, and in reality so.

And for a fact, the region vote for issues, and not candidate:

In that, they won't vote for a lizard it is in NDC colours, but because it has the issues, and the solution of the people at heart.

JM and NDC; Toaso!

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Nancy Forson on Oct 25, 2016 10:01
JM and NDC; Toaso!
Henry Kokoroko on Oct 25, 2016 11:21
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