I don’t understand why Voltarians still vote NDC - Kwame Adofo

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Comment: Re: Because Ewes hate Akans period.

2016-10-25 21:11:07
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Because Ewes hate Akans period.

This Kwame bozo writing from the USA are you serious? Akans have done a lot for Voltarians? Very interesting. My simple response is this, rather it is a question for you to answer: when do you think the NPP will have a flagbearer from the Volta Region? Indeed, when do you think the NPP will have a flagbearer who is not an Akan?
I can assure you that the NDC can just as easily have an Ashanti or an Akyem as flagbearer and Voltarians will still vote massively for him. So we vote NDC because we believe in the philosophy of the party and that there should be equal opportunities for all Ghanaians. There is nothing wrong with Voltarians voting for NDC all the time if it's on principle. Even in the USA where you claim to be it happens. But what does not and cannot happen in the USA is for a party to decide that its flagbearer must only come from one or two specific states. And yet that is what the NPP does, but you in all your highfalutin wisdom see nothing wrong with such a party. May God deliver you.

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Re: Because Ewes hate Akans period.
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