I don’t understand why Voltarians still vote NDC - Kwame Adofo

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Comment: Kwame Adofo

2016-10-26 03:36:22
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I don’t understand why Voltarians still vote NDC

You will verily not understand because you have not been at the end of a particular tribe's caustic jokes and comments...
You have not been seen by Asante in particular as a sub human, see? Had you been in Kumasi and ever been told to gyae SAA kasafo no na ka kasa papa, you would have uppersat not only understood.
Lawyer, wish you just an hour, disguise your good self by speaking English with voltarian accent before six Asantfõ and note their reaction. Then will you Lawyer, understand THE GENESIS OF THE EXODUS.
As for the revelation, l urge you keep it to yourself.
Thanks and no fee to charge.

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