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Comment: Re: Why you don't say that to Ashantis

2016-10-26 13:54:19
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Why you don't say that to Ashantis

Fact is even if you look at the THINGS walking about as ashantis and fantasising that they are to remain rulers, i just feel shy to be Ghanaian; i cant stand their stinky mediocrity, their very 'local' 'efuom' culture, no sophistication, wannabe composure etc. it is simply nauseating to learn that such cheap THINGS also can dare think they are to be revered. NONSENSE!
I still wonder why they want to be a major player in Ghanaian politics since they CLAIM to be a kingdom. If they truly believe they are a kingdom why should they be so eager to be part of some 'mere' Ghana which is still a developing state? more so their so called king sometimes relying on the states presidential plane to travel? All kings the world over have HMs fleet of planes. RUBBISH! The constitution of Ghana has no place for a kingdom.
I think Ewes better give a second thought to the clamour for sovereignty. We have proved our ability to be ourselves by creating our own Presbyterian church, our language is still undiluted, the little said about our reverence for formal education the better. Our agriculture thrives to the ignorance of those fools who think Volta is poor; i ain't surprised, since they struggle to read; if not they would have read from the recent state statistical report that Volta is not the poorest.

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Re: Why you don't say that to Ashantis
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