NDC will campaign in Togo - Asiedu Nketia

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Comment: Re: NDC to campaign in Togo

2016-10-26 12:26:56
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NDC to campaign in Togo

Asiedu Nketiah, stupid, arrogant and corrupt wizard.Your witchcraft and occultism will crumble, fail and fall, come December7, God willing.Dr Bawumia is being vindicated once again by your idiotic claim that you are extending your campaign to Togo.The Togolese that NDC fraudulently collaborated with the EC to register will not be allowed to vote. This is the reason why the EC has placed so much emphasis on the proxy voting so that NDC people in Ghana will use proxy voting for and behalf of the Togolese.You can go underneath the sea and bring the fish to vote for ndc,come what may, NDC's days are numbered.You cannot impose yourselves on us any longer beyond December7.NDC, BARAYI[thieves]. NDC BANZA.Is Asiedu Nketiah not even ashamed of telling us that NDC is extending it's campaign to Togo when NDC already has indelible stains on it's muddied image and election rigging gold medalists of having about76,000 Togolese names on our voters' register? NDC really knows no shame,Koku Anyidoho should bow down his head in shame,huuuuu!!!!

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Re: NDC to campaign in Togo
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