Owusu Bempah's supporters besiege CID HQ

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Comment: No wonder

Sappey-Agboh. Tsiame-Lagbohkope
2016-10-26 14:50:04
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Owusu Bempah's supporters besiege CID HQ

Even Donald 'the Duck' can open his moronic mouth to insult Blacks. We are our own enemies. No right thinking person would follow this moron of a preacher, but you have people who continue to berate the government about economic hardships, leaving their day job to congregate at the gates of the CID in support of a lying attention seeker. Fools.

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They Say They Say on Oct 26, 2016 20:00
Sappey-Agboh. Tsiame-Lagbohkope on Oct 26, 2016 14:50